IEC60947-2 UL489 Standard NDB2T-63 3P

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Applicable scope and purpose

● Short -circuit protection

● Over-load protection

● Control

● Isolation

● DC system protection

NDB2T-63(UL489)dedicated to the low voltage power distribution system of industrial, buildings, energy communications and infrastructure.

Main technical specification

● Electrical parameters

○ Rated working voltage and relevant breaking capacity:

Rating current1~32A35~63A
VoltageAC 120V10kA10kA
AC 240V10kA10kA10kA10kA
AC 277V10kA
AC 480Y/277V10kA10kA

○ Impulse withstand test voltages: 4kV

○ electrical endurance: 10000 times;Mechanical endurance: 20000 times

●  Product certification and implementation standard.:

○ Product certificate:UL489;

○ Product certification standard:UL489;

●  Environmental requirements:RoHS

●  Isolation function

○ Practical breaking instructions

○ View window within the green identification said contact in the off position

●  Tripping characteristic B type curve

○   Protection of short circuit current small load

○   rated current:1A~63A

○   tripping characteristic:The instantaneous tripping range 4In(1±20%) C type curve

○  Protect normal load and distribution wire cable

○   rated current:1A~63A

○   tripping characteristic:The instantaneous tripping range 8In(1±20%) D type curve

○   Protect starting current big impact load(Such as motor, transformer)

○   rated current:1A~63A

○   tripping characteristic:The instantaneous tripping rang 12In(1±20%)

5、Normal working environment

● Ambient temperature:-40℃~+70℃

● Air relative humidity:≤95%

● Altitude:≤2000m

● pollution degree: 3

● Service place without significant vibration and impact

● Lower capacity coefflcient table above 2000 meters above sealevel

● Side-by-side volume reduction coefflcient table

6.  Tripping characteristic

7、Outline dimensions



Modular construction,can be installed in EN60715 TH 35mm x 7.5mm standard guide rail.

9、Connect line requirements

○    Standard cross-sections of round copper conductors: 1~35mm2

○  Terminal screw: M5 ,Rated torque : 2.0N.m

11 、 Notice

1、Customers who disassemble the product without approval shall undertake relevant quality problems by themselves;

2、Do not touch the naked part of conductive components when the product is power on;

3、Don’t test characteristics of the breaker optionally, the manufacturer is irresponsible for such quality problems;

4、Keep wiring correct to prevent malfunction or damage of wiring terminals.

5、Please open the cover when installing the accessory. Please refer to OF2, SD2, MX+OF2 Instruction for details.

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