UL489 NDM3EU-225 Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

Product Details

Model Number: NDM3EU-225

Brand Name: Nader

Origin: China (mainland)

Small Orders:Accepted

NDM3EU Series is the first certified circuit breaker product in China to obtain the software report UL1998 related content. The product is

developed by our company for the North American market demand, and it meets the UL standard molded case circuit breaker product. The

rated insulation voltage of the product is 80VAC, which is suitable for AC power distribution system, rated working voltage to 600VAC,

rated working current to 400A for overload and short circuit protection. With overload long delay inverse time limit, short circuit transient,

short circuit short delay protection function, it can protect the line and power equipment from damage. The product is RoHS compliant.

Also comply with standards:IEC 60947-2,GB/T 14048.2 and certify by TUV Rheinland

● Standards

  IEC 60947-2; GB/T 14048.2; TUV;UL

ND(1)M(2)3(3)E(4) (5)- (6) (7)/ (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)
1. NDEnterprise characteristic code2.Product codeMolded case circuit breaker (MCCB)
3.Design serial34.Derivative codeE: Electronic type
5.Certification codeU:UL6.Frame current Inm (A)225、400
7.Breaking capacity codeNDM3EU-225:NoneNDM3EU-400L
8.Number of poles3:3P9. Trip unit code3:Electronic
10.Accessory codeNone
/Shunt Trip:10
/Auxilary Contact:20
/Shunt Trip+Auxilary Contact:40
11. Setting current (A)NDM3EU-225100、110、125、150、
11.Wiring form codeNO code: Fixed Connection
/Z2H:Rear Plug-in
/L:Lug Terminal
                                                                                                                                                                                    NDM3EU 225  Specification
Rated Insulation Voltage800VRated impulse withstand voltage Uimp(kV)8
Power frequency
withstand voltage(V)
2200Isolation FunctionYes
Rated Voltage(V)NDM3EU-225AC240V AC480V
NDM3EU-400AC240V AC480V AC600V
Interrupting levelNDM3EU-225NDM3EU-400LNDM3EU-400M
Mechanic LifeNDM3EU-2254000NDM3EU-4005000
Electrical LifeNDM3EU-2254000NDM3EU-4001000
Protection CharacteristicsProtection of overload long-time delayNDM3EU-225: Ir(0.44~1)In Tr(12~100)s
NDM3EU-400:Ir(0.65~1)In Tr(12~150)s
Protection of short-circuit short-time delayIs (2~10)*Ir+OFF Ts (0.1~0.4)s
Protection of short-circuit instantTs<0.05s
Attachment functionTerminal cover
2 groups of auxiliary (left) + Shunt Trip 120VAC (right)
Plug in(Function of anti circuit plug)

Working condition:

1.Environment temperature:-35°-+70°;


3.Pollution grade:3;

4.Protection degree:IP20.

1. Overload long-time delay protection

a) Overload long-time delay setting current IR, with an allowable deviation about 3%.

b) Overload long time-delay setting time TR, with the action time accuracy about 10%.

c) When the actual current I exceeds 1.15 times of the overload long-time delay setting current value Ir, it will be treated as the overload

state. The overload protection is implemented according to the inverse time limit characteristics with the delayed action time tr=

( 2*Ir/I)2*Tr;

d) The overload long delay has a thermal memory function, which can be activated 30 minutes after the tripping of the circuit breaker

(NDM3EU-225 requires 24V auxiliary power supply);

When the energy of the first trip is QT = ( 2* Ir) 2 * T, T is the trip time. The energy Q1 lost at interval T1 = QT * T1/Tthm, the energy

required for the second trip is Q0, that is, the second trip time is t = (QT – Q1) / ( 2* Ir) 2; For thermal memory function, please contact

the manufacturer.

2. Short circuit short-time delay protection

a) Short circuit short-time delay setting current Is, with an allowable deviation about 3%. When it is set to be off, the short circuit short-time

delay protection function of the controller will be off.

b) Action time value of the short circuit short-time delay protection Ts, with the action time accuracy about 10% (inherent absolute error ±40


c) The short circuit short-time delay protection is divided into two schemes, namely the fixed time limit protection and the inverse time limit


When the fault current is 1.5*Is>IIs, it features the inverse time limit protection characteristics, namely ts=(1.5*Is/I)2*Ts;

When the fault current is Ii>I1.5*Is, the inverse time limit protection is converted to the fixed time limit protection, namely ts=Ts.

3. Short circuit instantaneous protection

a) Setting current of the short circuit instantaneous action protection Ii, with an allowable deviation about 15%.

b) Short circuit instantaneous action protection action time Ti<50ms

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