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1.Scope of application and use
●Short-circuit protection
NDB1PT-63 series circuit breakers are applicable for the metering circuit, and can improve the electric energy metering precision and reduce the error of electric energy metering device.

2.Description of model and specification:

3.Main technical parameters
●Electrical parameters
○Pole number: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
○Rated working voltage: AC230/240V (1P); AC400/415V (2P, 3P, 4P)
○Rated working current: 1A,3A,5A,6A,10A
○Rated insulating voltage: 500V
○Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
○Rated impulse withstand voltage: 4kV
○Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA
●Mechanical and electrical life: 10000 times
●Internal resistance: ≤37mΩ
●Protective class IP20
●Wire incoming means
Upper and lower wire incoming available
●Use category A
●Installation category

●Tunnel wiring is used
○Terminal wiring area: min. 1mm2, and up to 25mm2
○Wiring nail is M5, with the torsional moment: 2.0N.m
●Tripping characteristics A: 3In±20%
●Product certification and executive national standard
○Product certification: CCC, CE, TUV;
○National standards being met: GB/T 14048.2, IEC 60947-2
○Environmental protection requirements: RoHS

4.Normal working environment
●Ambient temperature: -40°C- +70°C
●Wet humidity resistance: when the ambient air temperature is 55℃, relative air humidity is ≤95%
●Altitude: ≤2000m, in case of being used in higher altitude, it may be derated according to the requirements of small-sized circuit breaker in the company. It is possible to consult the technical requirements for low-voltage electric appliances in the high altitude in GB/T20645.
●Environment of pollution class 3
●The place free from obvious vibration and impact

5.Product outline and installation dimensions





6.Installation mode
The modular structure can be conveniently installed on TH35mm×7.5 standard guide rail.

7.Wiring screw specification and wiring torsional moment
○Wiring capacity: 1~25mm2 conductor;
○Wiring nail is M5, with the torsional moment: 2.0 N.m;

8.Packaging and storage
The maximum packaged quantity (1P product: 12 pcs/box, 2P product: 6pcs/box, 3P product: 4 pcs/box, 4P product: 3 pcs/box). The packed products shall be stored in the well-ventilated warehouse with relative humidity no more than 80%, temperature no higher than +70℃, and no less than -40℃. It shall be stored in the warehouse without acidic, alkaline or other corrosive gas in the atmospheric air. In the above conditions, the storage period is no more than three (3) years from the manufacturing date.

9.List of accessories and installation
●OF Auxiliary contact Loaded on the left side of NDB1PT-63 circuit breaker, indicating the on-off status of the circuit breaker;
●SD Alarm contact Loaded in the left side of NDB1PT-63 circuit breaker, indicating the tripping status of the circuit breaker;
●MX+OF shunt release Loaded on the right side of NDB1PT-63 circuit breaker, for remote control on the release of the circuit breaker;
●NDH1 series busbar It is a modular accessory for NDB1PT-63 series product, applicable for the interfacing between the incoming ends of multiple circuit breakers in the same phase position, and can also be
used as the standard accessory for the interfacing between the terminal electric appliances in the same phase


1.The product quality problem due to unpacking shall be undertaken by the unpacking personnel;
2.Do not manually touch the exposed part of the non-insulating component of the circuit breaker in the working and live status;
3.Do not carry out the commissioning on the characteristics of the circuit breaker randomly, otherwise the manufacturer will not undertake the quality problem arising from herein;
4.The wiring is reliable, to prevent the maloperation of circuit breaker or the burning of thee wiring terminal due to abnormal heat in the wiring terminal;
5.In the splicing of the accessories, they shall be firstly uncovered. Refer to “Instruction of OF, SD and MX+OF Accessories” for details.

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