The Application of Circuit Breakers in Smart Cities

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As a common power distribution management equipment, circuit breaker is indispensable to almost all power consumption areas. As the city continues to upgrade, circuit breakers are constantly updated. 

With the rise of the Internet of Things and the concept of smart city being proposed, as the underlying infrastructure, intelligent circuit breakers will play an irreplaceable role when traditional circuit breakers cannot meet more demands. 

In the community, the intelligent circuit breaker can carry out automatic inspection management, support real-time collection of the operation status of the controlled equipment, automatic alarm and early warning according to the preset-value, as well as manual inspection tips. 

In the home, the intelligent circuit breaker breaking ability is high, it can continue to protect the home core power safety. Real-time monitoring equipment failure alarm or tripping, prevent home electrical fire. 

In the factory, intelligent circuit breakers provide efficient power management and enhance safe power use mechanisms. Monitor back-end electrical equipment in real time, limit current recommended by AI algorithm, and freely set circuit on-off time to ensure safety and realize energy saving. 

In a word, the intelligent safe power circuit breaker can be applied to all kinds of places, improve the level of safe power consumption, and realize the intelligent safety power consumption.

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