1. Applicable Scope and Purpose

The NDQ5W-1600 automatic transfer switching equipment can be applied to the power distribution system with the AC 50Hz/60Hz, the rated working current of 200A~1600A, the rated insulation voltage of 1000 V, the rated working voltage of AC415V and below for automatically disconnecting from one power supply and connecting to another power supply. The NDQ5W-1600 automatic transfer switching equipment not only provides

the dual power transfer system, but also provides the triple power transfer system and incoming power transfer system of “Two lines plus bus connection”. Besides the conventional transfer, it also provides the parallel transfer function, thus comprehensively guaranteeing the uninterrupted power supply at special occasions as well as safety

and reliability of the load power supply.

This product complies with GB14048.1-2012, GB14048.2-2008, GB/T14048.11-2016, IEC 60947-1:2011, IEC 60947-2:2006, and IEC 60947-6-1:2013.

2. Specification and Model Description

ND Q 5  W – □ □ / □□□ / □ / □ / □

1  2  3  4  5   6      7     8    9   10

SN    SN name                NDQ5W

1     Enterprise code           ND: brand low-voltage electrical appliance

2     Product code             Q: ATSE

3     Design SN                5 

4     Actuating circuit breaker   W: NDW3 series air circuit breaker

5     Rated current of frame     1600A

6     Installation mode of the

      actuating circuit breaker   C: Drawout type

7     Rated working current      02:200A, 04:400A, 06:630A, 08:800A,

                                10:1000A, 12:1250A, 16:1600A

8     Number of poles          3 : 3P; 4: 4P

9     Rated working voltage      K1: AC380/400/415V (TT/TN),

                               K2: AC380/400/415V (IT),

10   Controller type (Related

     to the No. 7 selection,)       2L: Dual power transfer

                               3L: Triple power transfer

                               QL: Two lines plus bus connection transfer

                    2LB: Dual power transfer with the manual parallel operation function

                   3LB: Triple power transfer with the manual parallel operation function

                     QLB: Two lines plus bus connection transfer with the manual

                       parallel operation function

Example and description: Choose the same or different rated current in the same frame; consult the after-sales engineer.

1. NDQ5W-1600 C/40 /4/K1/2L (one type is possible for the same rated current)

2. NDQ5W-1600 C/25 32 40/4/K1/3L (different types shall be indicated separately for the different rated


4. Main Technical Parameters

Rated working voltage Ue: AC380/400/415V;

Rated control supply voltage of controller Us: TT/TN system: AC230V; IT system: AC380V;

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated insulation voltage Ui: AC1000V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 12kV

Utilization category: AC-33iB

Electrical equipment level: Level CB

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn: 55kA

Rated short circuit making capacity Icm (peak value): 121kA

Rated short time withstand current Icw (effective value): 50kA , 1s

Contact switching time: 200ms

Electrical life: 6,500 times

Mechanical life: 15,000 times (free maintenance) 30,000 times (with maintenance)

Isolating function: Available

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