1. Applicable Scope and Purpose

The NDQ3-125 P-grade ATSE are applicable for sites with the AC voltage below AC380V.AC400V.AC415V and the rated frequency of 50Hz. This product complies with the GB14048.1-2012 and GB/T14048.11-2016 standards in accordance with Code for Fire Protection of High-rise Civil Buildings, Code of Design on Building, Design Guidelines on Emergency Lighting, Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings etc.

This product mainly applies to the compulsory level I load, which is widely used in important places that require the continuous power supply, such as fire protection, telecommunications, hospitals, hotels, urban rail transits, high-rise buildings, industrial assembly lines and TV stations. It adopts the network source, self-starting generator set and battery set as the main and standby power supplies.

2. Specification and Model Description

ND Q 3 – X X X/ X X X X

1   2 3  4 5 6  7 8 9 10

SN   SN Description          NDQ3

1     Enterprise code         ND Nader low-voltage apparatus

2     Product code           Q  ATSE

3     Design SN              3

4     Rated current of frame  125

5     Structure form          Z- Integral type; F: Split type

6     Rated working current   16、20、25、32、40、50、63、80、100、125

7     Number of poles        2-2P 3-3P 4-4P

8     Control mode           R: Automatic switching and automatic recovery mode;

S: Automatic switching and non-automatic recovery mode;

F: Grid – generator mode

9     Switch position (structure) II: two-segment, Ⅲ: three-segment

10    Controller type          Blank type Note 1, N-type Note 2, D-type, Note 3

Note 1: blank type means the integral or split type (only two segments).

Note 2: N-type represents three-segment type (for both integral and split types), and communication type needs the special contract

review (only the integral type)

Note 3: D-type is limited to the split type (for both two segments and three segments), it is default with automatic change and

automatic recovery in the factory setting, and the customer may set the control mode

4. Main technical parameters

Rated working voltage Ue: AC220V/AC230V/AC240V(2P)、AC380/400/415V (3P、4P)

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Rated insulation voltage Ui: AC800V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 8kV

Utilization category: AC-33B/AC-33iA

Short time withstand current Icw: 10kA/60ms

Rated short circuit making capacity Icm: 17kA

Rated limited short-circuit current Iq: 120 kA

Contact switching time: two-segment type: ≤50ms three-segment type: ≤150ms

Switching action time: two-segment type: ≤130ms three-segment type: ≤400ms

Mechanical life: 20000 times

Electrical life: 6,000 times

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